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The Multitek Record Library
Manage your records in a few clicks 

You will be able to sequence vinyls records, CD audio, ... that you possess while creating as much of 
types and categories that you need.
You can also manage very easily
loans : date of loan, name, address,... you can know therefore at all times when 
and to who you lent a record or a CD. 
Besides you can do a research in your Multitek record library while selecting by kind, 
category, word-keys,... and to display all documents that you possess in your record library! 

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Saisie des supports, catégories, date achat, prix, ...
Impression et passage d'une fiche à une autre
Titre, orchestre, choeurs, auteur, ...
Saisie de mots clés Créer, modifier, supprimer
C'est par là qu'on sort !
Gestion des prêts (date, réf emprunteur, ...)
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